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Weight Management Services

Come Shape Your Body

Ready to look and feel your absolute best?

Our Wellness Management Services offers a different kind of plan in the industry. Under the Wellness plan you get access to multiple modalities that will shape, lift, and help build a more confident new you! Ask a Le’Body professional about tailoring your management services based off your need.

12-month Wellness Management Membership

Access to all wellness modalities. LeBody Wellness Pod, Body wrap, Renu Sculpt, Body shaping/contouring and cellulite reduction. Wellness plan tailored just for you. *Wellness Management with Care Products; Upon sign up add on 3 of our most raved about care products used to help tighten, sweat off calories and lift.
See a Le’Body professional for assistance.

Wellness Management Service Package

Come in every 72 hours and experience The Trinity. Includes 20 sessions of each service. Body contouring, muscle building and the wellness pod. Ask one of our specialists about 3 of our most raved about Contouring care products!

Detox Tea

Le’Body detox tea, with each calm sip, you can reach a new level of health.  This mix is a gentle way to clean your body that works well. This tasty infusion is made to help your liver, intestines, blood, and bladder do their natural detoxification work. You can use it as part of your normal cleansing routine. 

This tea is a great way to refresh your body and is recommended for people who want a mild detox. Allow the healing power of nature’s herbs to help your body get better and back to balance.

Detox also supports overall health as it refreshes your body and is recommended for people who want a mild detox. Allow the healing power of nature’s herbs to help your body recover and get back to balance.

The blend of yellow dock, burdock, dandelion, ginger, nettle, red clover, and peppermint is perfect for getting back on track after bad eating and drinking habits. It also supports overall health.

Come Try Our Wellness Modalities

The Le'Body Wellness Pod

Attire: Fully disrobed if comfortable wrapped in a large towel, sauna suit or swimming suit without metal. This treatment can help reduce pain and relax muscles, by exfoliating the skin using heat in the cocoon style atmosphere that is very comfortable, relaxing, and exfoliating to your skin. Clients can burn up to 300 Cal or more safely in our infrared wellness pod.

Renu Sculpt Plus

Commonly treated conditions:

  • Build Muscle
  • Sculpt Your Body
  • Skin Tightening

RF Cavitation

Non-Invasive cellulite and fat treatment with RF technology, simultaneously send out high-frequency contraction signals to your trouble areas; body firming and contouring stomach, back handles, arms & more.